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Case Opener FAQ

What are trades and how does it work?

In trades tab you can exchange your skins with other players. You have to invite player by nick or from public offers list. Invitation is active for 60 seconds. If the invitation is accepted both players are placed in a trade room. Change your deposit to prepare your offer. If skins offered by your trade partner satisfies you click “Ready” button. When both players clicked “Ready” you can finalize the transaction.

How to invite player to a trade?

From main menu click “Profile” button. Then “Trade” > “Invite player”. Enter partner’s nick and click “Invite”.
From Trades lobby you can also use “Trade offers” button. Then you will see public list with players that are ready for a trade.

How to add your trade offer to public list?

Go to inventory, click on selected skin and click “Post your offer”.
If you want to add more skins in one offer add them to deposit. Then click deposit preview in bottom left corner. Then click button with two arrows which is visible under your skins. Your offer will be added to public list.

Can I download my inventory from one device to the other?

Yes, you have to login on the same GooglePlay/GameCenter account

Do I pay real money for opening cases?

No, it's only a simulation and it is 100% free.

Why I cannot find the app in GooglePlay/App store?

Your device cannot launch the app. You are required to have Android 4.0.4 or higher / iOS 7.0 or higher.

How can I create a trade-up/contract?

Select a skin in your inventory and click ‘Add to TradeUp’. Then add another 9 skins using the same method and select "create".

How can I obtain coins?

Select "Casino" tab, then press "exchange" icon in the lower right side of screen. In order to obtain coins click on "change deposit" button. Add selected skins to deposit, go back and press button  "Deposit >> Coins"

Are you gonna add player made custom cases?

Currently  we're not planning to add it.

What is Jackpot?

Jackpot is a lottery that allows you to bet your skins and try to win more. By placing skins in your deposit and pressing "join" you enter the pot. The more valuable your skins are, the more chance you have to win the pot. Winner takes all skins from the pot, losers leave with nothing.

 How can I change my avatar in Jackpot?

Android: Log into your Google account while starting your game. Your profile picture will become your avatar. If the log-in window is not popping out check if you've installed GooglePlayGames app (It should be installed by default on every Android system).
iOS: Go to "Profile" tab and click on avatar image. Then you can choose image from your gallery.

Why I cannot add an item to the Jackpot?

Every skin added to Jackpot needs to have visible price tag. If your selected skin does not have one, go to your inventory, select item and click "check price" button.

 Who are the other players in Jackpot pool?

Your opponents are bots but they are using bids of real players.

What is the Double?

Double rules are identical to the ones used in classical roulette. First, you exchange skins for in-game currency that is later used to place bets on colors (red, black and green). If you've placed your bet correctly you're rewarded with multiplied amount (2x for red and black and 14x for green). If you had no luck you lost your coins.

What is the Crash?

In the game "Crash" you exchange skins for in-game currency and bet pre-selected amount. Chart shows current multiplier: it's rising for unspecified amount of time and when it "crashes" - round ends. If you'll exit the pot before the in-game "crash", you'll be rewarded with your initial bet multiplied by the value of "crash multiplier". If you'll fail to do so, you lose all coins you've betted.

Can I transfer my skins from CaseOpener to Steam account?

No. This is only a simulation of case opening, so it is impossible.

Why I don’t see skin prices?

It might be a connection problem because they are downloaded from the internet. Check if your Wi-Fi / LTE is working fine.

Why my inventory is not synchronized in cloud?

Android: You are required to have GooglePlay Games app installed. Login on Google account when app is starting and create CaseOpener account.
iOS: You have to login to GameCenter. You can do it in system settings

How can I change my account?

Android: First you have to logout from the current account. Go to achievements > click 3 dots icon in the upper right corner > choose "Settings" > choose "Log out" and confirm it. Next you have to close the game, close it's background activity and open it again. After EfezGames splashscreen you should see a GooglePlayGames popup to choose or create the new account.
iOS: You have to close the game and it's background activity. Then go to system settings > iTunes & AppStores > click on your current Apple ID address > choose "Sign Out". Next open https://appleid.apple.com/account#!&page=create in the browser and create new AppleID account. After confirmation go back to system settings > choose "GameCenter" > turn off the toggle “GameCenter” > turn on the toggle > choose second option - "Not yourprevious@mail.com?" and login on your new account. Now you can open CaseOpener and play.

How can I get promo codes?

We don’t give away promo codes without a reason. Sometimes we give them as a reward for finding a bug or as a recompenses. You can also win them in the contests - follow us on Facebook to take part.

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